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talking sports, i was telling you during the break that i watched part of the end of the game. very exciting. back and forth, back and forth. >> it is not great how the game ended. we will show you in a minute. we hate to see it end in this kind of way. and in the nationals entered this season leading the braves by 8 1/2 games in the nl east but the braves had to beat the nats a couple of times to stay alive in the division race. that's what they did -- they have done. they beat the nats last night and tonight, more of the same. adam la roche getting things
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going early after losing by one run last night. jason at first. and adam la roche hits one sky high and deep, but jason hayward couldn't reach it. homerun number 30 for la roche and it gives the nats an early lead. bottom of the 8th. tied at 4. braves has the bases loaded and the pitch brushes the jersey of simmons. the braves win. and the nationals have a 6 1/2 game lead in the nl east. the maryland terrapins and the coach taking on the former squad, the u-conn huskies. second quarter. maryland down 14-0. and going all the way in for a 19-yard touchdown. the first collegiate touchdown. and maryland was down 14-7. late in the fourth, maryland down 10. and perry hill drops back and keeps it for himself. with a 10-yard score. the terps pull within three. 4th and 17 for the u-conn team. can they do it?
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going deep to the end zone. this ball appears to be intercepted. but it is ruled incomplete. and maryland loses for the first time in career, 24-21. they head to west virginia next week. georgia tech playing host to virginia. the yellow jackets creating quite a buzz early on. pun intended. textbook play from scrimmage. the first one, ken washington has plenty of time to pass. finds zac lassski all alone and goes 70 yards for the touchdown. that is the beginning of a very long day for virginia head coach mike london. third quarter we go, georgia tech leading 35-7. this time, washington runs the option, and this is the touchdown. washington runs for three scores. throws for another. and virginia dominated by georgia tech, 56-20. it is the most points virginia has ever given up against georgia tech. frank beamer, 13th ranked virginia tech facing the winless panthers. this punt here at their own six.
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and breaks it up the sideline. and two defenders converge. look at the block by ronnie van dyke. he wipes them both out. jarrett on his way to a 94-yard return. so that would cut a deficit to 21-10. later in the third quarter, pitt facing a third and five. tino throws it up the right side. 18 yards for the score. and the pitt panthers who will join the acc next year, make a big statement, they upset virginia tech 35-17. and in other scores, penn state beat navy 34-7. georgetown at home falls to yale 24-21. howard defeats norfolk state 37- 36 in overtime. and congratulations to the washington capitals, they won 19-15 to advance to tomorrow's world team tennis fime against sacramento. they won 31 straight matches. >> wow. >> lindsey murphy, thank you. we have a check of the forecast up next. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing
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the sights and sounds of the annual festival, several blocks of northeast this afternoon more than 30 musical and dance performances today to entertain visitors. arts and food. and the festival showcases the talents and unique aspects of the community and helps with revitalization efforts. a great day for any festival. anything going outside. it was gorgeous, gwenn. >> perfect fall weather. even though we're not technically in fall. >> it was very, very nice. and you know what? we've got a pretty much of a repeat performance for tomorrow. >> i like it. >> i'm glad the weekend will end on a very pleasant note for you. >> no complaints. >> let's take a look outside. we have a few clouds. but they're clearing out of the way. because this is another week where we've got a dominant ridge of high pressure in control. and that is going to give us clearing skies into the course of tonight. and it is a beautiful shot of the national cathedral there that you can see. but as i said, the clouds will be moving out fairly quickly.
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the weekend is going to end very nicely. i'm happy to say. and not going to be quite as windy as today. because the winds picked up a little bit. and temperatures are close to seasonal and we were going to watch a couple of systems that are going to make an impact on our weather pattern as we head head -- through the beginning of the week. and we did okay know. and here is a look at the fox accokeek satellite radar composite. and clouds are pushing through and they will get out of the way as high pressure continues to build in from the west and that gets us to very, very clear conditions in the course of the overnight hours. here is a look at the wind today. they did pick up quite a bit. gusting at 29 miles an hour at reagan international airport. 26 at dulles. and 24 at bwi thur goode marshal. so if you felt things moving around today, you're absolutely right. the winds were a little bit on the stronger side. the high today 78 at national. 78 at dulles. and 77 degrees at bwi.
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temperatures are just a couple degrees below the seasonal average. overall, it was very comfortable outside. we didn't have any humidity to deal with. that's always a good thing. currently, 55 degrees at national. 60 at quantico. and we've got 56 to the south at fredericksburg. and martinsburg at 55. 54 at winchester. 52 at gaithersburg. bwi at 59 degrees and 63 degrees at annapolis this hour. we're talking about a ridge of high pressure that will continue to build. in and sunday, we will see plenty of sunshine for you. but we got to keep an eye on a couple of systems. pushing up from the south. another one from the west. this is a pretty strong frontal system. it looks like we will see some rain gradually moving in, into the course of monday. as the day progresses, the rain chances are going to increase. i don't think they're going to start too early in the morning hours. i think it will be probably more later in the day that we will have to zeal with it but stick around and -- deal with it and but stick around and a soaker coming into tuesday with
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the same system. be aware of that if you're planning anything outside. in the tropics, we have a hurricane. category one hurricane nadine. which is actually about 1080- mile, as you can see, away from bermuda, however, it is not headed that way. good news for them. it will take a northeasterly curve right to the azores. they will be in the path of this. and it will start to lose its strength and become a tropical storm as we move through the beginning of the week. and no threat to anywhere along the east coast of the u.s. so for tomorrow, we're talking about 74 degrees by about midday. with some light wind for you. plenty of sunshine. tonight, 57 degrees in the overnight hours. light northerly wind flow. partly cloudy skies. and as we move through into tomorrow, mostly sunny conditions as i said and not as windy. 79 degrees. not too bad. a pretty pleasant day for you. here is a look at the fox 5 seven-day forecast. tomorrow is a great day to end
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the weekend. we start to see temperatures just picking up and kind of going down a little bit once we get through the mid part of the week. tuesday is the day where i really want you to keep your eyes to the sky. we're looking at thunderstorms as a possibility there. and then we get back to drier conditions again. so overall not bad at all. >> it seems like this is the weather system that we will see the temperatures like this from here on out, i hope. >> it looks like it. we might see a couple more 80 or so degree days coming up but don't expect any 90s. i will be surprised. >> thanks, gwenn. a reminder, you can check the weather any time when you download the fox 5 weather app. search for dc weather on your smartphone. it is on our web site at still to come, they say age is just a number, one grandma is proving that. and showing she is young at heart. at the spry age of 80. plus coming up on the news edge, we have the latest on the consulate attack investigation. what the white house is saying about it that republicans are not buying. that's all coming up in just minutes. 
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